Welcome to Interview with Lucifer

Here you will find an assortment of delectable items to read and listen to. The primary focus of the site is the interview itself, beginning with The Interview Continues … Day 1 which is a look into the future when the great fallen angel is chained and imprisoned in the abyss for 1000 years. I, the scribe, have been given the opportunity to meet with him for the purpose of getting his side of the story. The original in-depth Interview with Lucifer will soon be available in e-book format.

You will also find the recurring topicĀ Friends and Stories which is a wonderful series of comments and anecdotes by Lucifer himself as he gives recognition and lavishes praise uponĀ those who have helped him in the pursuit of his wicked goals.

Additionally, I will be providing audio clips from great preachers and graphics which I highly encourage that you share with your friends … and enemies.

So enjoy your visit and please feel free to provide any comments you may have.

The Scribe -

Scene Separator 13

The Scribe

I appreciate your comments.

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